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Tramadol is a type of prescribed drug, popularly known as Ultram or Ultram ER. This drug mainly belongs to the medicines known as the opioid analgesics. Tramadol is mainly used to relieve moderately severe to moderate pain including pain after any surgery. On the other hand, the extended-release tablets are meant for ongoing chronic pain. This mainly acts in the CNS or Central Nervous System to offer relief from the pain. But while Tramadol is used for a long period, this becomes habit forming and therefore the physical dependence can side effects in case you stop using this medicine suddenly.


How does Tramadol work?

Tramadol mainly works by changing the way how the human brain senses pain. In fact, this is similar to the substance in the brain known as endorphins. Endorphins mainly bind to the receptors and then the receptors decrease the pain massages which the human body sends to the brain. In some cases, this medicine is also used as a part of the combination therapy as here this is used along with other medications. This way Tramadol helps to decrease the level of pain.


Who should not consume Tramadol?

·         People with seizures or with the history of seizures should not take this medicine.

·         People with addiction issues or the history of addiction must not take Tramadol.

·         Tramadol is not right for people, who have some addiction-related issues. It is also necessary to avoid this medicine in case you have the history of addiction.

·         People, who have some stomach issues, should not take this medicine as this can make the situation worse. In case you have some serious stomach issues, then ask the doctor whether this medicine is safe for you or not.

·         People, who have some kidney issues, should not consume this medicine.

·         Tramadol is not suitable for people, who have some breathing issues

·         Last but not least, this medicine is not suitable for women, who are breastfeeding or nursing

Apart from that, this medicine is not perfect for the seniors as their body processes this drug more slowly. As a result, this medicine stays in the body for a really long time. This thing increases the chance of side effects. Besides, this medicine should not be used by anyone below 18 years of age.


How to take Tradamol?

Always take Tramadol as prescribed. Swallow the entire medicine and don’t break or crush it or don’t mix it into any liquid or inhale the powder. This medicine can be taken with or without any medicine. Tramadol can actually stop or slow breathing, especially if the dose is suddenly changed or if you start using this medicine suddenly. One should not take this medicine in large amounts or for a longer time than prescribed.

Even in case you are using this medicine as regular doses, then also Tramadol can be habit-forming. Misuse of this medicine can lead to overdose, addiction or death mainly in case this medicine is used without a prescription. One should also stop taking any other narcotic medicines while taking Tramadol. Never stop using this medicine suddenly even in case you face some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.


Side effects of Tramadol:

In case you get some side effects after using Tramadol, then get emergency medical assistance. Some of the common side effects of using this medicine include difficulty in breathing, hives, swelling of your throat, face, tongue or lips. Like other types of narcotic medicines, this can also slow down your breathing. In some cases, weak breath can cause death.

Call the doctor in case you face the symptoms like:

1.       Weak pulse or a slow heart rate

2.      Sighing, noisy breathing, shallow breathing

3.      Missed menstrual periods, infertility

4.      Seizure or conversions

5.      A light headed feeling like as you might pass out

6.      Low level of cortisol- vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, worsening tiredness, dizziness or weakness

7.      Sexual problems, impotence, loss of interest in sex


8.      Severe skin reactions like a sore throat, fever, burning in the eyes, swelling of the tongue or face, pain in the skin followed by purple or red skin rash, which spreads in the upper body or face and leads to peeling and blistering

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